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As people love eating lobsters, they must also know to check a few points before they purchase lobsters. As most purchase lobsters online these days, it is important to be careful before you place the order as many online seafood companies have a tendency to cheat you. It is known by all that Maine lobsters are the tastiest and therefore people usually opt for this variety if they buy lobsters. However, according to experts, five major points should be kept in mind before you buy Maine lobsters.

All Lobsters are not the Same

Online seafood stores claim that the lobsters they sell are from Maine but at times, the truth is that they sell lobsters that are from many places in New England and sometimes even from Canada. The taste of lobsters depends highly on the quality and temperature of the water. Therefore, if the lobsters are from clearer and colder waters, the better it will be. So it is recommended that you purchase your lobster from a direct source in New Hampshire, Maine or Canada because the waters are conducive to quality lobster harvesting there. For example, North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood sell lobster fresh from Maine only.

Are you Paying Just for the Lobster or are there Hidden Charges?

What exactly are you paying for at online seafood stores? Is it just the lobster or are other charges also included discreetly? Some seafood stores charge you for shipping and some only for the lobsters you buy. Therefore, it is always advisable to compare prices to see whether you are being cheated or not. However, North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood charge you for lobsters depending on size, and that’s it.

Quality & Prices Vary Throughout the Year

Mostly, two factors affect the price of lobsters, 1) The weather in New England and 2) The life cycle of lobsters. Prices are usually higher during winter month especially from January through March because the weather is extremely cold which makes it problematic for fishermen to catch large quantities of lobster. The price is low from late summer to the earlier months in fall because large quantities are caught as the weather is favorable to fishing and lots of lobsters are caught. Also, as lobsters molt, many don’t like the soft shell variety and wait for hard shells or vice versa. This also affects the pricing.

The Return Policy of the Online Store Must be Checked

Remember, you are buying live lobsters and at times, lobsters may die in the delivery process. Check whether the online store has a return policy where you will get back your money if the lobsters reach you dead. North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood makes sure that the Maine lobsters that reach you are fresh and alive. They can also send you dreamed lobsters if you want to save time.

Get the Shipping Details

Check how your lobsters will be shipped to you or the shipping company the store has tied up with. Some consider FedEx more reliable than DHL or UPS. The shipping company must make sure that the lobsters reach you in the best condition.

At North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood, you won’t have to worry about such details because they take care of these points and make sure that your orders reach you in good condition and the best of quality.


Do you know about a food known as caviar? If you don’t know, caviar is a term used for the edible eggs produced from certain kinds of fish. This is called roe and fancied in many parts of the world. Do you know that lobsters also have roe? They do have and you will be amazed to know that lobster eggs are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.

Lobsters are one of the widely appreciated and consumed sea-foods in the world. The connoisseurs of good food love to have the lobster dishes more frequently. Lobster dishes are included in the party menu on many special events. Lots of people celebrate their merriment with scrumptious lobster dishes.

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However, one should make sure that lobster is fresh while cooking the lobster dish. The live and fresh lobsters taste the best. You will have to go to the dock or fish market early in the morning to catch the live and fresh lobsters. If you visit the market later in the day, you will have to settle with not so good or meaty lobsters. It is advised not to go for the lobsters from the supermarket, as they are tough and stale. Once lobsters have been bought, you can try out classic ways of cooking, such as steaming or broiling or grilling lobsters.

Lobster tail is one of the most delicious pieces of whole lobster. This part of lobster is soft, succulent and meaty. Knuckles, wings and claws are the other tasty parts that can be tried eating. But, the meat in the tail is most outstanding. Various recipes can be tried out at the time of cooking lobsters. Some recipes like salad are easy to prepare whereas some are tough and take time.

So, preparing lobster dishes on the normal weekdays is not an easy task to ask for. It does not mean that they who do not have enough time to prepare lobster dishes cannot enjoy the lobster delicacies. Lobster dinner these days are ordered online. Yes, you can now order lobster dinner for 4 online and enjoy the delicious and sumptuous meal at home with your family.


The dinner include

• 1 to 1.25 lb of live hard-shell Maine lobsters, 4

• Live Maine mussels, 4 lbs

• Jumbo Margaret’s Maine crab cakes, 4

• Cooking instructions are given

Except live Maine lobsters, all the products in the packet are flash frozen and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Seafood is a huge favorite when it comes to celebrations. Most of the time you will find family and friends argue over what kind of seafood dish should be served this year. If prawns were served last year, then they try and serve crabs this year. One seafood item that is served a lot on grand occasions is the lobster. However, most of the quarrels start over the size of the lobster that should be bought and the amount that should be purchased.

When purchasing lobsters, people think whether they should buy two small lobsters or one big lobster. There are a lot of differences when some family members say that smaller lobsters taste better than big lobsters but the fact is that a six pound lobster will taste just as good as a two pound lobster, if cooked in the right way. However, if a six pound or jumbo lobster is bought, care should be taken to make sure that the lobster is not overcooked as the meat tends to toughen when it is cooked for extra time. If a jumbo lobster is to be cooked, then steaming it should be the best way.

Jumbo Lobster

If a jumbo lobster is cooked keeping in mind a few important tips, the meat will taste as succulent and as juicy as that of a small lobster. Another aspect should be kept in mind, the freshness of the lobster. The fresher the lobster the tastier it is. For example, if you buy the lobsters from the supermarket, keep in mind a few things. The lobsters available at the supermarket sit in the tank for days and the more it sits in the tank the more weight it loses because the claw meat starts to shrink. Therefore, fresh lobsters will taste juicier than supermarket lobsters.

Another factor that comes into play when the flavor of a lobster is concerned is whether the lobster is hard shelled or not. Usually, people buy hard shell lobsters because they are more flavorful. As lobsters grow they shed their shells or ‘molt’. As they shed their shell and grow a new one the lobsters become weak. Therefore, most connoisseurs would opt for hard shell lobsters. Jumbo lobsters have larger legs, body, swimmerets and shoulders and the meat it these areas of a lobster are considered to be extremely delicious.

So, the next time you want to buy lobsters for a celebration, keep the pros and cons of the size and freshness of the lobster in mind.