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Christmas is round the corner and people are making plans to celebrate the day their own way. Some people like hanging out with their pals whereas family men and women love to celebrate the occasion with the members of their family. Lots of people visit restaurants or cook their favourite food in their own kitchen.

Having good food on the occasion of Christmas is a tradition throughout the world. In many countries, Christmas dinner consists of seafood dishes, wholly or partially. Some households prepare many different varieties of seafood dishes on this occasion.

On the Christmas, family and friends drop by to enjoy together the delicious meal, after taking part in church services. A huge gathering of family and friends imposes a tough task of preparing a seafood menu. Advance preparation or large quantity cooking of seafood is ideal to avoid such circumstances occur. It is recommended to plan a menu in advance to avoid the hassle of last minute cooking.

You can ensemble various seafood dishes with your Christmas Day dinner menu. Here are the dishes that you can serve to your guests on the Christmas Eve/ Day.

• Go with an easy appetiser to begin the meal. Prepare the shrimp cocktail well in advance to allow it to chill down. You can also prepare and bake the shrimp puffs when your guests arrive. lobster-salad-ck-643356-l

• Always serve the cold appetiser with a soup dish, which can be prepared in advance and reheated at the time of serving.

• A seafood salad is prominent on the Christmas Eve/ Day dinner menu. You can lighten up the lengthy menu with a refreshing crab salad, a perfect dish on the special occasions. Moreover, it is quite easy to multiply this dish.

• Many households prefer to go with a pasta course, following the soup. Serving a crowd the pasta dish is tricky, if you are not going with a baked dish that can be prepared in advance and baked at the time of dinner.

Furthermore, many people like to go with lobster, shrimp and other seafood dishes on the occasion of Christmas. So, if you have called on your friends and family over the Christmas dinner, serving seafood dishes can be an ultimate fun.

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Lobsters are a gourmet’s delight. Lobster recipes are preferred on different special occasions. Be it birthday party, wedding anniversary night, success party or a rendezvous of close buddies, lobsters grace the dinner platter.

The delicious and scrumptious lobster recipes are also considered quite a healthy food choice. Besides satisfying your taste buds, they are also beneficial to your health conditions. Several nutritious elements present in lobsters make it an ideal option for people suffering from heart-conditions or other ailments.

So, if you are planning a quiet and perfect celebration, you will like to treat yourself and your loved one on Lobster Paella Valencia. This recipe feels wonderful and delectable inside your mouth and makes you feel as if in another world.

The ingredients and preparation method of this recipe is enlisted below


  • Lobster Clam and Tail Meat
  • Package of Vigo Rice and Seafood Kit
  • Browned Chicken Thighs and Legs
  • English Peas
  • Mussels
  • Chorizo
  • Shrimp

Preparation Method

  • Take a pan and put chorizo in it. Brown it and then remove
  • Take small amount of chorizo soakings and add olive oil, cook chicken into it
  • Sauté rice in chicken soakings
  • Add the canned seafood and put the chicken-chorizo mixture in pan and mix it with shrimp and pieces of lobster
  • Foil it loosely and bring to cook over flame or inside oven
  • Cook until rice is tender and shellfish turns light pink

And, here you are available with an amazing recipe on your dinner table. You will like to put some side dishes for lobster dinner, here are a few suggestions.

A Complimenting Wine

The amazing recipe will taste extra delicious in the company of a chilling white wine bottle. The Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay or a Riesling can be appreciable choice.

Start with an Appetizer

You can bake some cheesy red lobster biscuits or prepare steamed lobster salad but Lobster Crostini Melts will be an exceptional choice to start your meal with.

Make it Surf and Turf

You will like to pair your lobster recipe with filet mignon, Surf and Turf Lettuce Wraps can be an ideal option besides Lobster Paella Valencia dinner recipe.

Pair your Lobster Dinner with Green Vegetables

Sugar snap peas or sautéed asparagus with a touch of hollandaise sauce can be wonderful green vegetables to pair your lobster dinner.

End the Dinner with a Decadent Dessert

You can make cheesecake or chocolate cake to end your dinner with. You can serve these desserts with a dessert coffee cup or dessert wine.

Now that everything has been put in order for you, the special celebration night will be exceptional and truly scrumptious.