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Do you know about a food known as caviar? If you don’t know, caviar is a term used for the edible eggs produced from certain kinds of fish. This is called roe and fancied in many parts of the world. Do you know that lobsters also have roe? They do have and you will be amazed to know that lobster eggs are considered a delicacy in many parts of the world.

Lobsters are one of the widely appreciated and consumed sea-foods in the world. The connoisseurs of good food love to have the lobster dishes more frequently. Lobster dishes are included in the party menu on many special events. Lots of people celebrate their merriment with scrumptious lobster dishes.

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However, one should make sure that lobster is fresh while cooking the lobster dish. The live and fresh lobsters taste the best. You will have to go to the dock or fish market early in the morning to catch the live and fresh lobsters. If you visit the market later in the day, you will have to settle with not so good or meaty lobsters. It is advised not to go for the lobsters from the supermarket, as they are tough and stale. Once lobsters have been bought, you can try out classic ways of cooking, such as steaming or broiling or grilling lobsters.

Lobster tail is one of the most delicious pieces of whole lobster. This part of lobster is soft, succulent and meaty. Knuckles, wings and claws are the other tasty parts that can be tried eating. But, the meat in the tail is most outstanding. Various recipes can be tried out at the time of cooking lobsters. Some recipes like salad are easy to prepare whereas some are tough and take time.

So, preparing lobster dishes on the normal weekdays is not an easy task to ask for. It does not mean that they who do not have enough time to prepare lobster dishes cannot enjoy the lobster delicacies. Lobster dinner these days are ordered online. Yes, you can now order lobster dinner for 4 online and enjoy the delicious and sumptuous meal at home with your family.


The dinner include

• 1 to 1.25 lb of live hard-shell Maine lobsters, 4

• Live Maine mussels, 4 lbs

• Jumbo Margaret’s Maine crab cakes, 4

• Cooking instructions are given

Except live Maine lobsters, all the products in the packet are flash frozen and delivered directly to your doorstep.


Those who love seafood must really like lobsters as they are considered to be the tastiest form of seafood. If not the tastiest, lobsters are extremely popular with gourmands all over the world. Now, lobsters are either bought live or frozen. Those who really love their food and are really enthusiastic about cooking, will walk the extra mile and buy live lobsters from the fish market at the crack of dawn.

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However, there are many seafood enthusiasts who do not have time to buy fresh live lobsters and therefore settle for the frozen and packaged variety. It is a fact that nothing beats a good old live lobster. So if you are planning to cook a lobster meal, try your level best to buy fresh live lobsters from the market.

The most commonly asked question on the lips of most novice cooks is, ‘how to prepare live lobster?’ There are various methods that can be tried out with live lobsters. Here are the most common ways.


This is probably the easiest way to cook a live lobster. First you will need to fill a pot with at least 4 pints or 2 liters of water and two tablespoons of salt. Then you have to bring it to a boil and drop in the live lobster, headfirst, and boil again with the lid on. Once the lobster is cooked through it can be served just like that with some melted butter on the side or it can be incorporated in any sort of dish.


Apparently, steaming the lobsters makes the lobster meat more succulent and tasty than boiling it. Steaming takes more time than boiling, but it’s worth the wait. Put a steaming rack in a pot and pour in water and salt. Boil the water and cover the pot with a lid. Once the water starts boiling take the lobster and place it on the steaming rack. Cover the pot again and boil the water. Cook till the meat is just right. Eat it freshly steamed with butter or incorporate the meat in a salad or exotic dish.


This is another great way of cooking your lobster. This is perfect for a family get-together or barbecue. Now for grilling you can use fresh live lobsters or packaged and frozen lobsters. If you are a careerist and do not have time to buy a fresh live lobster, grilling packaged lobster that has been bought online will do perfectly. First the lobster needs to be parboiled. Then make sure you clean it and season and marinate it properly before you put it on the grill. Grill the lobster till the meat is firm. Serve this as you please.

Lobsters served boiled, steamed or grilled taste absolutely superlative, it’s just that you have to know how to do it right.