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On the other hand, is a prominent Maine lobster retailer. Maine lobster tails are one of its most in demand items with a price tag of $119.00, a deduction of $60.00 on the standard rate. If you have ordered this special seafood, the delivery package will contain one pound of seafood stuffing and six five to six ounce of Maine lobster tails. Shipping is free of cost and delivered through two-day air on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

So, even if you have to serve some most particular dinner guests, Maine lobster tails would do the trick. Moreover, it is very easy to prepare this delicious dish through the grilling, baking or boiling processes. Bring the extraordinary and cherished flavors of Maine from dock to your doorstep with this fresh and opulent lobster meat. offers several other Maine lobster products, which are equally appetizing and scrumptious.

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As people love eating lobsters, they must also know to check a few points before they purchase lobsters. As most purchase lobsters online these days, it is important to be careful before you place the order as many online seafood companies have a tendency to cheat you. It is known by all that Maine lobsters are the tastiest and therefore people usually opt for this variety if they buy lobsters. However, according to experts, five major points should be kept in mind before you buy Maine lobsters.

All Lobsters are not the Same

Online seafood stores claim that the lobsters they sell are from Maine but at times, the truth is that they sell lobsters that are from many places in New England and sometimes even from Canada. The taste of lobsters depends highly on the quality and temperature of the water. Therefore, if the lobsters are from clearer and colder waters, the better it will be. So it is recommended that you purchase your lobster from a direct source in New Hampshire, Maine or Canada because the waters are conducive to quality lobster harvesting there. For example, North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood sell lobster fresh from Maine only.

Are you Paying Just for the Lobster or are there Hidden Charges?

What exactly are you paying for at online seafood stores? Is it just the lobster or are other charges also included discreetly? Some seafood stores charge you for shipping and some only for the lobsters you buy. Therefore, it is always advisable to compare prices to see whether you are being cheated or not. However, North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood charge you for lobsters depending on size, and that’s it.

Quality & Prices Vary Throughout the Year

Mostly, two factors affect the price of lobsters, 1) The weather in New England and 2) The life cycle of lobsters. Prices are usually higher during winter month especially from January through March because the weather is extremely cold which makes it problematic for fishermen to catch large quantities of lobster. The price is low from late summer to the earlier months in fall because large quantities are caught as the weather is favorable to fishing and lots of lobsters are caught. Also, as lobsters molt, many don’t like the soft shell variety and wait for hard shells or vice versa. This also affects the pricing.

The Return Policy of the Online Store Must be Checked

Remember, you are buying live lobsters and at times, lobsters may die in the delivery process. Check whether the online store has a return policy where you will get back your money if the lobsters reach you dead. North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood makes sure that the Maine lobsters that reach you are fresh and alive. They can also send you dreamed lobsters if you want to save time.

Get the Shipping Details

Check how your lobsters will be shipped to you or the shipping company the store has tied up with. Some consider FedEx more reliable than DHL or UPS. The shipping company must make sure that the lobsters reach you in the best condition.

At North Atlantic Lobster and Seafood, you won’t have to worry about such details because they take care of these points and make sure that your orders reach you in good condition and the best of quality.

Are you a seafood fan? If yes, then you must love digging into some delicious seafood items like prawns, shrimps, crabs and lobsters? These crustaceans can be incorporated in any sort of cuisine but if you solely talk about lobsters, don’t you think they taste best when cooked with a few classic recipes like lobster rolls, lobster thermidor, or even a lobster stew? Well, there is another way of cooking these scrumptious oceanic beauties; you can make a pie with it.

Lobster pies are a little high on the fat calories because of the pastry and rich creamy béchamel sauce but the sauce is optional. It does add a brilliant zing to the pie but if you want to make only a lobster pie, you can. The pie is high in protein, but is a slightly rich recipe and therefore only meant for those who are not on a diet. Here’s how you can make a lobster pie for your family.



2 Maine lobsters, cooked (1.5 pounds each), ¼ of a cup of sherry, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of flour, 3 tablespoons of butter, 2 egg yolks and ¾ of a cup of thin cream.

For the pie topping:

¼ of a teaspoon of paprika, ¼ of a cup of cracker meal, 1 tablespoon of finely crushed potato chips, 2 tablespoons of melted butter, 1 and a ½ teaspoons of Parmesan cheese.

To make the pie first, melt two tablespoons of butter and add sherry to it. Boil the mixture for a minute then add the lobster to it and allow it to stand. Then, add the flour to three tablespoons of butter that you melt. Stir it for a minute till it starts to bubble. To this, slowly add the wine drained from the lobster and the cream. Keep heating this sauce till it is nice and thick. Remove this from the flame. Then, separately, beat the egg yolks. To the yolks add about four tablespoons of the sauce that you have made and stir as you add. Heat this on a double boiler for around three minutes. Make sure the water in the boiler doesn’t boil. After this add the lobster and stir in. Transfer this to a deep pie dish and sprinkle the pie topping over it. Bake this for 10 minutes in a 300 degree oven. Voila! Your Maine lobster pie is ready.

However, if you don’t have time to make the pie at home, you can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Then all have to do is heat it and dig in.

Lobster is loved by seafood aficionados all over the world. However, the complete idea of cooking and then, having the lobster dish can be intimidating for many of you. Lobster buyers have several questions in their mind, regarding the quality and varieties of lobsters found at the marketplaces. Several people want to know the perfect color of lobsters, how to single out fresh and live lobsters and the most humane way of killing a live lobster.

Various species of lobsters are found all around the world. But, not all are equally healthy and tasty. The lobsters found at the Maine coast are considered among the finest in the world. A lot of lobster lovers prefer to prepare a dish with the lobsters from Maine.

Maine lobsters are sweet and tender

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The real Maine lobster will have five sets of legs and a couple of large claws with lots of meat. These lobsters are soft-shelled and can be crack opened effortlessly. In comparison to the hard-shell lobsters, they have sweet taste and tender and succulent meat. But, if the lobster has developed the shell recently, it will have less amount of meat inside when comparing with the hard-shelled one of similar shape and size.

While venturing out in search of fresh lobsters in Maine, go along with the most energetic ones. Maine lobsters are found in the typical colors such as green, brown or black. However, the color of lobsters does not have any impact on the final dish and every lobster turns bright red once cooked.

A healthy lobster can easily be singled out if you take a careful look at their tail and claws. The healthier ones will throw their claws in the air and flap their tails.

Lobsters can be kept alive for up to a day

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Keep the lobsters alive until you bring them to cook. Do not preserve them for more than a day, as lobsters tend to die quickly when kept out of the sea water. If wrapped under cold and damp towel and stored in the refrigerator, lobsters can be kept alive for up to a day. You should keep in mind that lobsters are seawater species and may die if placed in the fresh water.

Lobsters are generally prepared through steaming or boiling. However, many people prefer steaming over boiling because steaming brings more tender meat. Lobsters these days are also grilled, baked or broiled. Moreover, one must adopt the humane way to kill a lobster before bringing it to cook.

Fetching live and fresh lobsters from the marketplace can be sometimes painful and tough. One can visit online stores and get the live and fresh lobsters from Maine delivered at their doorstep.

Lobster Tails- Rich Oceanic Delicacies

Maine lobster week was recently held at Rockland’s Harbor Park. The mega event recorded huge attendance of lobster lovers from across the United States.

Tim Carroll, Maine lobster festival president, was brimming with energy after hosting yet another successful year. He said, “It was another successful year.” (Source:

Carroll said that attendance was slightly down this year but sales were up. According to him, threat of thunderstorm on the weekend and rain kept away many people from attending the festival.

Maine lobster festival organises various events including cooking contest, road race, fun walk, lobster crate race, the big parade and many more. Though people take part in each event quite enthusiastically, focus remains on fresh hot Maine lobster dishes.

There were many Maine lobster dishes on the menu. Out of many lobster dishes, Maine lobster cake sliders caught everybody’s attention.

Maine Lobster Cake Sliders

So, if you missed savouring the delicacy of this lobster dish, here is a chance for you to book an order online. If you want to surprise your guest with a dish that they will be talking about for many days, lobster cake slider is the best way to go.

Order is shipped to you with following elements in the package:

• Maine lobster Cakes, 12

• Fresh baked slide rolls, 12

• Sweet heat sauce

As everything is dispatched to you flash frozen, you need to prepare the dish at your home.

Here are the handy preparation tips to help you while cooking, take a look:

• Thaw the elements in package in refrigerator

• Pre-heat oven at 450 degrees

• Put lobster cakes on buttered cookie sheet

• Put lobster cakes in oven for 25 minutes

• Take two sauté pans and butter

• Pour the sweet heat sauce in a sauté pan on low heat

• Melt the butter over medium heat in a large sauté pan

• After the pan is heated, divide the slider rolls and put inside into sauté pan

• Once the lobster cakes are done, start assembly

Steps for assembly

• Put lobster cake on bottom bun

• Apply 2 tablespoons of sweet heat sauce on lobster cake

• Put the top of bun on lobster cake

• Repeat same steps for other pieces of cake

Several other Maine lobster dishes were also on the lobster dinner menu during the festival. You can find out other scrumptious lobster dishes from online food corner.

The connoisseurs of good food love to eat lobster. But the whole idea of cooking and then, eating live lobster can intimidate you. There are many questions popping up in the mind of lobster buyers. Many people want to know the ideal colour of lobster and how can they identify the fresh lobster. Some people also ask the most humane way to kill a live lobster.

You can find different species of lobsters all around the world but the genuine Maine lobsters have five sets of legs. They have a couple of large claws filled with abundance of meat.

Maine lobsters are particularly soft-shell lobsters and easily get cracked open. They are sweeter in taste and produce tender and succulent meat in comparison to hard-shell lobsters. However, a new-shelled lobster will always have less meat inside than hard-shell lobster of similar size and shape.

So, if you are going to buy lobster in Maine, prefer the most energetic one. The colour of lobster has little impact on the taste of recipe. Most typical colours of Maine lobsters are greenish, brown or black. However, all lobsters will obtain bright red colour after getting cooked.

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To identify healthy lobster, you can take a look at their claws and tail. If the lobster is throwing its claws in the air and flapping its tail, consider it to be healthy. Do not buy a lobster with tail hanging straight down.

Although marks and scars on the lobster do not change the taste of recipe but it’s good to check for the scars. You can prefer to include a banged-up lobster in particular dishes likes lobster stew than eating whole.

You should always keep in mind that lobsters are kept alive until the start of cooking process. For the best taste, you can cook lobster the same day you have bought or store it in the refrigerator under cold and damp towel wrapping for a day. By doing so, lobsters can be kept alive for up to a day. Do not store the lobster in fresh water, as they are saltwater animals and might get killed under fresh water.

You can prefer to steam the lobster instead of boiling them. Some people say that steamed lobsters have tendered meat and overcooking can be avoided by steaming them. The traditional ways of cooking a lobster is steaming or boiling but nowadays, lobsters are also baked, grilled or broiled. Before cooking, you should kill the lobsters in a humane way with a sharp knife.

If you are finding it tough to get fresh lobsters at marketplace, you can buy Main lobsters online and get it delivered at your door in due course of time.