Lobster is loved by seafood aficionados all over the world. However, the complete idea of cooking and then, having the lobster dish can be intimidating for many of you. Lobster buyers have several questions in their mind, regarding the quality and varieties of lobsters found at the marketplaces. Several people want to know the perfect color of lobsters, how to single out fresh and live lobsters and the most humane way of killing a live lobster.

Various species of lobsters are found all around the world. But, not all are equally healthy and tasty. The lobsters found at the Maine coast are considered among the finest in the world. A lot of lobster lovers prefer to prepare a dish with the lobsters from Maine.

Maine lobsters are sweet and tender

Image Source: bit.ly/Lu5QVn

Image Source: bit.ly/Lu5QVn

The real Maine lobster will have five sets of legs and a couple of large claws with lots of meat. These lobsters are soft-shelled and can be crack opened effortlessly. In comparison to the hard-shell lobsters, they have sweet taste and tender and succulent meat. But, if the lobster has developed the shell recently, it will have less amount of meat inside when comparing with the hard-shelled one of similar shape and size.

While venturing out in search of fresh lobsters in Maine, go along with the most energetic ones. Maine lobsters are found in the typical colors such as green, brown or black. However, the color of lobsters does not have any impact on the final dish and every lobster turns bright red once cooked.

A healthy lobster can easily be singled out if you take a careful look at their tail and claws. The healthier ones will throw their claws in the air and flap their tails.

Lobsters can be kept alive for up to a day

Image Source: bit.ly/1aCLuAi

Image Source: bit.ly/1aCLuAi

Keep the lobsters alive until you bring them to cook. Do not preserve them for more than a day, as lobsters tend to die quickly when kept out of the sea water. If wrapped under cold and damp towel and stored in the refrigerator, lobsters can be kept alive for up to a day. You should keep in mind that lobsters are seawater species and may die if placed in the fresh water.

Lobsters are generally prepared through steaming or boiling. However, many people prefer steaming over boiling because steaming brings more tender meat. Lobsters these days are also grilled, baked or broiled. Moreover, one must adopt the humane way to kill a lobster before bringing it to cook.

Fetching live and fresh lobsters from the marketplace can be sometimes painful and tough. One can visit online stores and get the live and fresh lobsters from Maine delivered at their doorstep.

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