A succulent thought can hardly do without lobsters. Certainly, it will be too foolish to miss out lobsters from the list if you are thinking of triggering fine dining moments. Grilled broiled, boiled or sautéed, you can have the shellfish in any form; it is just that you need to have the time to cook lobsters in the best possible way so that at least you can retain the decadent flavors of a Maine catch.

Apart from claws, Maine lobsters are known for their fleshy tails. They taste yummy so much so that you can’t afford to be forgetful on them while enlisting the items for seafood meal. Maine lobsters actually succeed their spiny counterparts with regards to their meat content and taste.


These days, lobster tails are sold frozen after undergoing rigorous processing methods that promise to lock the flavors and freshness of a sea pick. Moreover, the convenience of receiving Lobster tails at your doorstep is too overwhelming.

Gourmands not only prefer Maine lobster tails for their meatiness; but because of the fact that these deep Atlantic crustaceans are blessed with flavors. Plus nutritionists are of the opinion that Maine lobsters are also good for health. They say that these shellfish are loaded with Omega-3 Fatty acids essential for brain and heart health.

Apart from thinking about how good lobster tail can be for human health, let us just talk about how well you can dine with the same. Now, suppose you want to invite your close ones for dinner; how about surprising them with mouth-watering lobster tails? It’s the best way you can cast an everlasting impression on your guests.

The lobster tails are priced according to their size; the bigger the size the greater the price. You can look for packages under the (5-6 oz) or (7-8 oz). For example, the large lobster tails lucky seven makes an ideal package for guests. The classic indulgence serves around 4-6 tail. You can even settle for the large lobster tails bakers dozen comprising 4-6 pieces weighing about 1lb. you can have them grilled broiled or steamed. Meanwhile, the 2lb lobster package is not a bad idea for a dinner invite, either. The entire package comprises 10 large Maine lobster tails.

If you want you can even pair the lobster tails with ready to serve starters and side cuisines like Maine crab cakes, Maine clam chowder, wine garlic clams and steamed beer mussels. End it on a gentle note with Maine Whoopie Pies.