Lobsters are delicacies and the favorite of a few seafood lovers. If you are a lobster lover, you will definitely love the following recipes. They are easy and can be made at home anytime.

Avocado Lobster Roll


Hot dog bun, 4

Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon

Small chopped red onion, 1

Ripe, de-pitted and peeled ripe avocados, 2

Salt and Pepper

Any hot sauce, 2 tablespoon

Roughly chopped and cooked lobster meat, ½ pound

To make the dish first open up the hot dog buns and toast them slightly. Then take the avocado flesh and crush it into a paste using a spoon in a bowl. To this add the red onion, fresh lemon juice, pepper, salt and hot sauce. Taste it to see what you need to add. After that, fold in the lobster to complete the mixture. Stuff the buns with this mixture and enjoy a wholesome meal.

Steamed Lobster Salad


Steamed medium lobster, 2

Overripe tomatoes, 1

Sliced red onion, 1

Sliced garlic cloves, 2

Virgin olive oil, ½ cup

Mint leaves, 20

Basil leaves, 15

Juiced lemon, 1

Washed and dried arugula, handful

To make the dish first cut Lobster meat into ½ inch pieces. Then take a medium sized bowl and mix all the ingredients. Serve this delicious salad over some romaine lettuce.

Easy Broiled Lobster Tails

Image Source: bit.ly/19mav5q

Image Source: bit.ly/19mav5q

Frozen lobster tails, 2 (6 ounces)

Lemon pepper seasoning, 1 teaspoon

Olive oil, 1 teaspoon

To make the dish first, preheat the broiler of the oven. Then partially thaw the lobster tails. Then, halve the lobster tails lengthwise. Then brush the meat with the olive and season it with the lemon pepper. Put these on the broiler plate. Then broil the tail for about 10 minutes, till the meat is opaque and sides are browned.

Lobster Nachos

Image Source: bit.ly/10A4Wgo

Image Source: bit.ly/10A4Wgo

Coarsely chopped, cooked lobster meat, 1 cup

Chopped seeded jalapeno pepper, 2 tablespoons

Store-bought salsa, ¼ cup

Tortilla chips, 36

Fresh lime juice, 1 tablespoon

Cornstarch, ½ cup

Low fat shredded cheddar, 1/3 cup

Low fat milk, 1/3 cup

Shredded Mexican cheese blend, 1/3 cup

To make the dish first take a medium sized bowl and mix salsa, lobster, lime juice, jalapeno and kosher salt. Then, in a plate, place the chips. Then, whisk, the cornstarch into the milk. Heat to a boil and keep whisking. Before removing from flame add cheese. Whisk till smooth and add salt to taste. Spoon the lobster mixture on to the chips and pour the sour cream over it.

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